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Live Captioning

Make your live content instantly accessible to many audiences by easily adding your live captions.

AccessLOOP supports Live Captioners who join your event and receive a live audio and visual feed within the platform, Captioners can manage their changeovers seamlessly and instantly within AccessLOOP.


Ai Captioning

AI captioning (automatic speech to text) is now available on AccessLOOP with our own in-house features added to improve accuracy.

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Open And Closed Captioning

AccessLOOP supports open and closed captions for Live Captioners and AI captions.

Open Overlaid Live Captions And AI Captions

Open captions are captions that are always visible and embedded in your stream.

608/708 Format
Closed Captions

Closed captions are captions that can be turned on and off at the point of viewing. Platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Wowza all support closed captions. It is the only European solution for adding closed captions.


Multi Language Captions


Add over 100 translated live captioned streams to your events.


A human captioner will be able to curate and simplify your text to enable our AI translation engine to translate with high accuracy in multiple languages.


The “Do Not Translate” feature allows you to add a glossary of names, terms, technical language, brand names to your event. This glossary will not translate and the words will appear in the source language. This feature improves the accuracy of the translations considerably for your audience.


You can also use our AI captions to translate directly to 100 languages, you can also use the Do Not Translate feature with AI captions.

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Our Features


Open and closed captions


Message box for easy communications


Scaled output or overlaid output


Up to four captioners


High quality audio and visual feed


AI and Live captioner co-working


Seamless handovers between captions


In room captions link


Download of in room overlay software


QR code for captions link download


Frequently Asked Captioning Questions

You can find frequently asked questions below, if you have a question that is not in the categories below please do reach out to us in the Let's Chat button or via, where one of the team will get back to you.

  • How do I join an event?
    Provide the producer with your Streamtext email then you will receive an invite from the producer of your event. Read through the instructions in the body of the email to make sure are ready to work on AccessLOOP and click ‘Join event’.
  • How do I connect my writing software to AccessLOOP?
    AccessLOOP has Streamtext built in, so you need to have a Streamtext account to work with AccessLOOP. Set up your writing software as normal for working on Streamtext. Make sure your Streamtext Connector is connected with two green ticks. Check your default parsing is set up in your profile here. If this isn’t set up correctly you won’t be able to caption on AccessLOOP.
  • How do I set up a StreamText account?
    Download Streamtext Connector: Open an account: Set your default parsing format:
  • How do I handover to my colleague?
    Select the Captioning dropdown. Click the toggle. Recommended settings are two lines and large. Click on ‘Invite captioner’ and add their name and their email address which is registered with their StreamText account. You can now choose between ‘closed captions’ and ‘open captions’. We would recommend testing the platform first with a captioner if using closed captions.
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