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About Us


Meet The Team

Meet the dedicated minds behind AccessLOOP, a team driven by a shared vision of transforming accessibility in the events industry. We bring together a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to deliver innovative solutions that make events more inclusive and equitable. Get to know the faces behind the mission.

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Orla Pearson


Over 25 years as a captioner/speech-to-text provider. Part of the team at the BBC that managed the move from 5% live subtitled programming to 100%. Director of MyClearText Ltd who provide market high-quality live real-time subtitles to large in person and virtual events. Founded AccessLOOP to simplify adding captions and sign language to live streamed events.

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Elaine McCarthy


Working as a captioner/speech-to-text for over 25 years. Part of the team at the BBC that managed the move from 5% live subtitled programming to 100%. Specifically involved in shaping and writing the protocols on how to successfully caption different kinds of content for the audience. Director of MyClearText and Co-Founder of AccessLOOP.

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Dan Crowe

Senior Software Engineer

Over 20 years experience as a software engineer. Advanced programming skills and for the past few years has been working in Digital Care. Dan was also winner of the People’s Choice Award for Hector Bullying Chat Bot in 2017.

Who We Work With

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“AccessLOOP makes the process of providing multiple accessible solutions easier for our clients and ensures more people can fully participate in experiencing the power of inclusive accessible cultural performances, talks and events”

Melanie Sharpe

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