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Add accessibility easily to all livestreamed and virtual events

No download required!

Browser based software
How it works
A simple workflow
Linked monitors
Link AccessLOOP to your source stream and stream destinations
Team of people
Loop in your preferred access providers and set your on-screen layout
Variety of media platforms
Start streaming to your preferred destinations
A pioneering accessibility tool
Hithertofore we shall provide accessibility...

Human captioning

Invite captioners to the platform. The captioners manage the changeovers themselves

Hand signing

Live sign language

Invite interpreters and control the position of the on-screen display. All changeovers between interpreters are managed by interpreters in AccessLOOP

Chat bubbles

Team chat

Manage your team, flag issues, or chew the cud with built-in chat feature

Integration with production tools

App agnostic

AccessLOOP will integrate with your existing production tools to streamline your workflow

Multiple language translation

Multiple language translation

Automatic language translations from live captioner feed, in over 100 languages. Translations text is overlaid as captions and sent to your destination

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No download required. AccessLOOP works right in the browser and is there whenever you need it

Neil Milliken BA Oxon MBA FRSA

AccessLOOP is addressing a real gap in the market for accessible event streaming

Neil Milliken BA Oxon MBA FRSA - Global Head of Inclusion - Group CSR ATOS

Melanie Sharpe

AccessLOOP makes the process of providing multiple accessible solutions easier for our clients and ensures more people can fully participate in experiencing the power of inclusive accessible cultural performances, talks and events

Melanie Sharpe - StageText

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